March Pet of the Month - Tummy

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From Tummy's Family - 

Tummy is a four month old baby English Bulldog. She lives on a farm in central Illinois and is planning to become a big help on her parents' farm. She currently likes to take walks, play with sticks, and stare at the cows who stare back at her.
Tummy has very big shoes to fill. Her family had a wonderful English Bulldog named Gracie, who was a patient of Dr. Navin. Gracie and her family came to love All Pets Hospital because of their wonderful care and extensive knowledge of the physical idiosyncrasies of English Bulldogs. Over the years, Dr. Navin performed three surgeries on Gracie after which she always recovered beautifully and completely. When she was nine years old, Gracie developed a very aggressive form of cancer from which she could not recover. Her family was very, very sad.
That's when Tummy joined the family. After having Gracie, her family knew they would always want a bulldog. They knew that if Tummy was ever sick, Dr. Navin and his staff would be there to give her the best care in the world. At three months, Tummy was having digestive issues and Dr. Navin diagnosed that Tummy is allergic to chicken. Her family immediately changed her food and gives her only treats that are chicken-free. She is now feeling fine.
Tummy's family looks forward to Tummy traveling with them. She likes to ride in the car and watch traffic. Gracie traveled to fifteen states and her family hopes Tummy will beat that record. Gracie was also a service dog for her father. Before he knew a pain episode was approaching, Gracie would cling to his side and try to climb in his lap. That was her way of alerting him of what was coming. Tummy's family feels certain Tummy will be able to do the same. Tummy's family loves her very, very much!

Tummy and her family are honored to have Tummy selected as All Pets Hospital's Pet of the Month.