June Pet of the Month - Gucci

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From Dr. Navin - 

Gucci is an 8 year old Yorkshire Terrier. Gucci had been having painful episodes on and off for a few weeks. She had also run a fever at times. She would only partly respond to anti-inflammatories. We tested her for different types of joint infections, such as Lyme disease, but she was negative for those problems. I had tried her on some prednisone because nothing else was working. She got an immediate response. This prompted me to look for an immune disease as the cause to her ongoing joint problems. She tested a strong positive to rheumatoid factor which goes along with rheumatoid arthritis. By increasing her dosage, we have been able to give Gucci relief and hopefully prevent some of the debilitating side effects of rheumatoid arthritis.

Gucci’s owner Misty writes: “Gucci may be small, but has a big heart. She is full of love and compassion for everyone. She enjoys going to work with mommy, taking walks, riding in the car, and hanging out watching movies.” 

We hope that Gucci continues to do well and can live a normal life with this severe and uncommon disease.