July Pet of the Month - Juneau

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From Dr. Harres - 

Our July 2017 Pet of the Month is a friendly, 12 year old male American Eskimo named Juneau. Juneau has been a patient at All Pets for seven years - time really flies! I chose Juneau as a tribute to him and his wonderful, caring owner. It's not that his medical history isn't interesting. Oh, no. I did not want his medical travails to overshadow the importance of our feelings for him.
He came to us already being treated for idiopathic epilepsy (seizure disorder) with phenobarbital. His early years with us were fairly uneventful. He came in for his routine wellness exams and blood work.
In 2013, he suffered both a fractured tooth (from his aggressive bone chewing) and a torn cranial cruciate ligament (CCL tear in his knee). He ended up having successful surgeries to remove the tooth and stabilize his knee respectively. He also concurrently suffered from forelimb lameness as well. Despite the lameness, he recovered slowly but completely from all procedures. His behavior and positive attitude were instrumental in his recovery, and made it easier to monitor his progress.
Again, in 2016 he came to us with another broken tooth. He really does love to chew those bones aggressively! We removed this fractured tooth as well, and he once again recovered well.
I wanted to focus on Juneau because he is a fantastic pet and patient. He has a great owner, and their bond and relationship are what make our job so enjoyable. Here's to Juneau!