January Pets of the Month - The Olivas Pugs

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From Dr. Harres - 

I have chosen a family of dogs this month. Lenny, Ollie and Lola are three wonderful pugs that we have been seeing for the past few years. Their owners, the Olivas family, has a special place in their hearts for this breed, and were gracious enough to adopt two of the pugs from previous owners who could no longer care for them, keeping them from shelter life or worse. 

All three pugs had significant dental disease when adopted, which can lead to bigger problems. There was no hesitation, the Olivas family made sure they all received the care they needed, including teeth cleanings, tooth extractions, dental radiographs and medications. They all recovered well, and feel much better.

Soon after their dental care was completed, Lenny was found to have a growth in his mouth that affected his jaw. The growth was closely watched, and everyone's primary concern was his happiness and quality of life. Lenny unfortunately recently lost his fight.

Our hearts go out to his wonderful family and fur siblings.