February Pet of the Month - Teddy

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From Teddy's family - 

The handsome dog in the picture is Teddy, an 11-year-old mixed breed. Teddy is a Husky, Retriever, and Lab mix. An all American mutt! We brought Teddy into our home in July 2007 from an animal shelter in Schererville, Indiana. We found him online at Petfinders.com. We had small children at the time, and we really wanted to add a dog to the family. Teddy was under nourished after running the streets for approximately 2 months prior to adoption. You could feel every one of Teddy’s ribs! We immediately started to fatten him up, resulting in an overweight dog. Our vet explained on one of his wellness visits that Teddy was actually overweight. We did not see it because he is sooo hairy. We decided to follow the doctor’s advice for improved health and comfort for Teddy. Teddy has lost 24 pounds, has more spring in his step, and has the energy of a puppy! Teddy is very active with the family. We keep him busy. After many years with Teddy it almost seems like he has always been with us. We follow any recommendations that can improve his care and health to hopefully keep Teddy around for many more years to come! Thank you, All Pets, and especially Dr. Little.