February Pet of the Month - Sarah Too

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From Sarah Too's Family - 

Sarah, Too was found in December 2008 hanging around a dumpster near a bakery located in Romeoville.  She was taken to Romeoville Animal Control.  My husband and I agreed to foster Sarah, Too for the Animal Rescue Foundation; we were to keep her in our home until a permanent home could be located for her.  The Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) asked us to have her spayed while we fostered her, so we had her spayed at NAWS.  NAWS named her Sarah, but since we owned a calico cat named Sarah years ago, we added the “Too” to Sarah’s name.  We decided to keep Sarah, Too because she fit so well into our cat family plus we quickly became attached to her kind and gentle ways.  Sarah, Too has remained healthy most of her years.  However, in December 2015 I noticed that she developed a huge appetite as well as diarrhea.  Dr. Little checked her several times that winter and spring; Sarah, Too’s health did not deteriorate but her liver ALT was much too high, and she still ate a lot of food each day with no weight gain.  She was pilled each day with Denamarin which helped maintain her liver but did not do much to lower her high ALT count.  In August 2016 Dr. Little sent Sarah, Too’s blood sample to the Small Animal Clinical Sciences at Texas A&M University for analysis.  The lab results were very unusual for a cat; Sarah, Too was diagnosed with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency which is not a life-threatening disorder.  This disorder is treated with a daily enzyme powder mixed with cat food.  Dr. Little recommended six weekly Vitamin B12 shots as well.  Sarah, Too is thriving and has gained a little more weight thanks to Dr. Little’s ongoing concern, diagnosis, and care.  He was never too busy to answer all of my questions and to take time during her numerous medical appointments to explain her symptoms to me.  Dr. Little always returned my telephone calls with accurate information as well.  Sarah, Too is a sweet little girl who loves attention and likes to sit on our laps.