December Pet of the Month - Pica

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From Pica's Mom - 

On October 23, 2008, I went along for a ride with my daughter so she could pick out a Pomeranian puppy in northern Illinois. I fell in love with a beautiful three pound fur baby. She had a severe luxating patella on one knee so she could only walk on three legs. She was so small and so cute. She kept up with all the bigger dogs running around. The breeder had insinuated that euthanasia may be her fate, since she was only three months old and had a defect. Well, I changed her fate and she came home with me that day.
Pica loves her home. She has a bed in every room and toy boxes filled with toys. She loves to watch television. Pica also loves when mommy chases her and tosses her favorite ball.
Pica has had some problems. She had lost almost all her hair and Pica did not like going to the vet. She would get so nervous and upset. A friend had recommended Dr. Navin at All Pets Hospital. On her first visit with him in December of 2014, I was absolutely amazed at how Pica behaved with Dr. Navin. She was so calm that she even let Dr. Navin put a tongue depressor by her lip and look at her teeth. Shortly after Dr. Navin ran tests on Pica due to her hair loss, she was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease, which is what he had suspected. She was put on medication to control the disease and all her hair grew back. She now comes in every six months for blood work and is doing great!
Thanks to Dr. Navin and the wonderful staff at All Pets Hospital, Pica can be treated for her disease with people she feels comfortable with and not stressed. Thank you so much for taking good care of my baby.