December Pet of the Month - Ginger

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From Dr. Navin - 

I chose Ginger as pet of the month because she is one of my favorite patients. She always forgives me, no matter what I do and waits patiently at the end of the visit for her treat. Ginger had a rough summer, with 2 serious illnesses, but has bounced back with her great attitude.

Her owner, Elaine, writes: "Ginger means the WORLD to me. I always knew I wanted to rescue a dog but after 12 years I had no idea the amount of joy she has brought. 

From the day I brought her home she has been constantly on the go. Her curiosity level is what surprised me the most. She absolutely LOVES people and is so excited to meet and greet them. People who meet her for the first time are shocked when I tell them she is 13 because she sure doesn't act like a senior dog. 

Ginger is a great co-pilot when we go for rides in the car especially going to the vet. She is probably one of the few dogs that truly loves going to the vet. She participates every year in the Walk for MS in loving memory of my mom Dorothy. Ginger leads the pack blocks ahead of everyone and keeps people moving. When it is time for her to get her rest she must have her blankets and pillows for a good night's sleep. 

It's been a pretty easy going 12 years until July of this year when without any warning whatsoever a disc ruptured in her back which she made a great recovery, but only to be followed with once again without any warning, in September emergency surgery to remove her spleen. The gals at All Pets call her the Miracle Dog. They are in complete awe of her recovery. She is back to being the same maniac Ginger we all know and love. 

I cannot thank Dr. Navin enough and all his staff for all their hard work, love and support they showed with her two major health scares. Me, Ginger, my family and friends will be for forever thankful."