April Pet of the Month - Abigail

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From Dr. Harres - 

Our April Pet of the Month is Abigail Hootman. She is a 9 year old spayed female Sheltie. She has been a patient at All Pets Hospital since 2008. Over the past year to year and a half we have seen a significant, positive transformation in Abigail that we want to highlight. Abigail's problems stemmed from a history of allergies coupled with some extra, added weight. Her owner has been absolutely fantastic about sticking to the plan we set out, which required multiple re checks over a long period of time. She suffered from a severe dermatitis and infection on her skin over the caudal surfaces of the back legs and the ventral surface of her tail. This can be an incredibly difficult part of the body to treat when her extra weight and thick, long hair coat are taken into consideration. We performed frequent medicated baths, coupled with antibiotics and anti inflammatory (allergy) medication. An additional hurdle to overcome is the difficulty in giving her oral medication. She is very stubborn! More impressive than the slowly improving skin condition was her steady weight loss fueled by a change in her diet and some increased exercise. We also closely monitored her weight during her re check skin exams, and we tried to make sure she lost the weight in the correct way. 
We focus our attention on Abigail this month because she is a fantastic pet who has a loving, persistent and dedicated owner. Any dog or cat can lose weight in a safe, healthy way with an owner who is willing to put in the effort and time. Abigail's owner has done a fantastic job with her, and we truly appreciate it!